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Many metal parts which are designed to be pressure-tight, leak in spite of correct design, alloy specifications, and proper production procedures. When this occurs, it costs you in both time and money, especially after machining work has been done.

Very often the diner dash 2 games cause of anything about luxor mahjong this leakages is porosity in spongebob atlantis game the real vitamin e for dog part itself. Frequently these otherwise good parts can be saved using the caralluma mg impregnation process. Pressure vacuum, steam, liquids and gasses can often find their way through the porous walls of castings, or through weldments and other porous areas of the part causing loss of effectiveness.

WESTERN SEALANT'S impregnation process can effectively  seal the pores of the part,  saving you both the time
and the money of having to reject an otherwise good part, or to make a replacement part. We can impregnate many
types of parts large or small, before or after machining operations have been done. Our impregnates are invisible on
the finished part and do not affect  the part's dimensions in any way.  Plating and paint processes are routinely done
after our process without any adverse affects. It improves the surface's finish in most cases.

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If leakage due to porosity is costing you precious time and money, call  DOUGCO today,
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solve your porosity problems!